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Pummi Enterprises is a leading Buy Keyrings & Keychains Online at Best Prices in bulk quantity .

we are manufacturer of keychain ring keyring nickel golden brass antique etc shop no 497 pan mandi bartan market sadar bazar Delhi 110006 contact no 9810140598

Buy Keyrings & Keychains Online at Best Prices on bulk order .

To place an online order, you can place an order directly with us.

Along with this, we also provide jump rings.

Different shape or different designs the sizes of jumpers are different and their plating is also different, they can be triangular, round, thin, heavy etc

Overall Keyrings and keychains come in a wide variety of designs,

materials, and colors, making it easy to find one that suits your personality and preferences.

Some keychains even come with added features like extra plating color plating matt color plating extra chain link customize keyring etc.

Keyrings & Keychains difference.

We are going to tell you the difference between  keyrings and Keychain here.

  •  keyrings are plain and do not have a chain, they come in different sizes and also have different designs.
  • Rings are used for different purposes, they are available in large quantities in the market and are in high demand.

  • The quality of Keyring available is tempered and non-tempered, heavy and lightweight are also available.


  1. The chain is attached to the keychain ring and jumping attach  are performed with it.
  2. Also there are different sizes of keychain ring and the chains attached to them are also of different types.

  3. keychain that comes fitted with the key chain ring is a regular chain and the other chain is grinding.

You can also get customized products made, you can attach anything to the ring, you can also do different color plating.

If you want any kind of customized product made then you can contact us or meet us directly.

contact no 9810140598

Address: Shop no 497

Pan mandi bartan market

Sadar bazar Delhi 110006



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