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About The Pummi Enterprises Company

Pummi Enterprises is a Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Keychain Rings, Keyrings and Metal Chains. The Pummi Enterprises has a long history of excellence when it comes to producing outstanding items at an affordable price; as well as excellent Quality Products “We’re not happy until YOU’RE HAPPY!” For our accomplishment story.
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Established in India in the year 1997, Brand name RONSON under manufacturing company of Keychain Rings and Metal Chain “Pummi Enterprises” have since grown into one of India’s largest and leading Manufacturer of Keychain Rings and Metal Chains . We now supply our RONSON Keyrings, RONSON Keychain Rings and RONSON Metal Chains throughout India to a wide and diverse range of clients and industries. We do our best but we also pride ourselves on our customer service and innovative creative solutions. We are different from most of our competitors in that we focus on results. We fulfill all your needs with customization service. We set up our Sales Department, and built the Design Department by 2000, with more than 30 workers in our factory.
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We are the Manufacturer and Supplier of an extensive array of Key ring, Keychain ring, V-Ring, Flat Keyrings, Flat Ring Chain , Regular Keyrings, V-Ring Chain, Binding Rings, Metal Chains, Long Customized,  Chains, Ball Chain, Iron ChainsCommercial Key Rings, Tukda Chain, Chalu Challa,  Anchor Chains, Aluminum Chains, Metal Hooks, Brass Chain,  etc.

The best place to get your plain key rings. We offer many different styles of key rings and key chains to carry your keys.

We have Imported split key rings, Ball chains, and parts for making your own complete keychains rings.

We Offer many Style Shapes and Designs of key rings from Beaded Chain to binder rings, split key rings, open jump rings, Snap hooks and many more and part to make your own keychain.


Our Services

We have a strong production ability and perfect service team. The source of our honour is the long-tested quality and hard-working perspiration. Welcome to establish a business relationship with us. Your satisfaction is our pursuit. We make products from start to finish by customizing every aspect of your design. https://pummienterprises.in/customized-products/
Praveen Kumar

The Founder

We are grateful to our owner Praveen Kumar, whose continual backing and direction have been useful to us for attaining exponential development in the current market.