Golden Mild Steel Chains

Pummi Enterprises is a leading golden chain manufacturers in Delhi, India. 

We are the leading manufacturer of golden chain in Delhi, India. We have ready chains available on order. 

These chains are also used in bags, also known as jalebi chains.

 These chains have attached lanyard hooks, also called anchor chains. We have variety of chains available on order. Please order on wholesale bulk quantity, lowest prices are available. 

These chains are available in mild steel iron, also available in aluminium. These chains uses in mobile covers.

 We have 8 dana chains for garments, hanging photo frames, two plating’s available in golden & reddish plating.

We sell on per kg & in pieces also. We also provide jointers, rings, hooks etc. The jointer packet started from 2 gross to 5 gross. The rings packet is of 720 pieces. We have also available keychain rings in every shapes & sizes. Please order on Bulk quantity.

Let’s discuss the variety of metal chains avaialbale with us:

180 Golden Mild Steel Chain

Anchor Golden Chain

202 Mild Steel Golden Chain

88 Golden Mild Steel Chain

105 Golden Mild Steel Chain

156 Golden Mild Steel Chain

These chains are uses in dresses, t shirts, jewelry, hanging,  name plates, decorative items, novelties, mask, kids wear, slim bags, ladies wallets, purses, toys, danglers, brochures. kids wear,shoes,braclette,bangles,hanging name plate, board hanging, curtains hanging, window hanging,neckles,bandarwal,etc

These chains are available in rolls, or kg minimum order quantity = 50 Kg. 

These products are also available in nickel plating also.

We can deliver by transportation.

Gujarat Transport, Laaji Moolji Transport, Smp Transport,Sarna,Pragati green road lines
by courier including tripupathi, professional, DTDC. By air, Madhur Nandan Track on sky king Jayshree cargo Kumar cargo Deepak cargo maa cargo superfast cargo etc. services all available.

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