Rounded Coil Keychain

Pummi Enterprises is a leading Rounded Coil Keychain Manufacturer in Delhi/India.

Latest Rounded Coil Keychain Products

Round keychain Rings on Pre-order Basis.

Pummi Enterprises is a leading Rounded Coil Keychain manufacturers in India.

We deals in multiple varieties of rounded coil keychain rings including:

Regular Chain Ring: Size 18 (ID) 20 (OD), Packaging 5 gross, nickel & golden plating. Min order 200 gross. 1 Packet 5 gross. 

Ovel Keychain Ring: Size 26 (ID) 29 (OD), Packaging 5 gross, nickel 7 golden plating, Min order 150 gross, 1 packet 5 gross. 

Hardbase Oval Keychain Ring: Size 25 (ID) 28 (OD). 5 gross packaging, nickel plated. Min order 100 gross.

High Tension 2 link Nickel Keychain Ring

High tension Anchor Chain Ring: 5 gross packaging. 


Our Keychain rings are available in golden & silver nickel plating. 

These keychain rings are uses in key holders, bags use, purses, mobile pouches, decoration, toys, garments, wooden items, wallets, torches, handicrafts, raisin

The customized rounded coir keychain rings are also manufactures on pre order basis.

Our production capacity is huge, we provides durable, unique designs keychains with multiple sizes.

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The high tension anchor chain rings are used in jewellery making. keyholding, etc.

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