Nickel Plated Chain

Pummi Enterprises is a leading Nickel Chains Manufacturer in Delhi/India.

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Nickel Plated Chains Manufactures in Delhi/India

Pummi Enterprises is a leading Nickel Plated Chains Manufacturers in India.

We have variety of nickel chains including:

  • I card hanging chain: Nickel, chrome Plating, 1 0r 2 kg bunch. Min Order quantity: 40 -50 kg, 
  • Rassa Nickel Metal Chain: 100 pcs minimum, nickel plating.  
  • Jalebi Nickle Metal Chain: Nickel, golden plating. Size 42 inch, 40 inch. Min Order quantity 1000 pcs, 1 Packet – 100 pcs. Ronson Packaging. 
  • Anchor Nickel Chain: Golden, silver nickel plating. Packaging 1 0r 2 kg bunch, Min Order quantity 500 – 1000 pcs, 40-50 kg. 1 Packet = 100 pcs. Size 40 inch, 42 inch. Running chain. 
  • Special Grinding Chain: nickel, chrome plating. Running length. Min order quantity: 40 -50 kg. 1 kg bunch. 
these chains are uses in various ways like Jeans, army, footwear, jackets, tops, steps, bracelets, hair band, waist chain, car hanging, board hanging chains, bag chains,  name plate hangings, tag hangings, toys hanging, advertise board hanging, window curtains, door curtains, ladies purses, kids bags, kids wear, pithu bags, crafts, handmade, skirts, puzzles, artificial nails, mobile back covers, hand bags chain, clutch bags chain, masks chains, shoes, i card holders, dresses chains, anklets chain, wind chime, hanging walls, hand bags shoulder strap, etc.  
nickel free chain  On order can be ready. 
Nickel silver chain available in stock. 
chain black nickel On order can be ready. 
nickel plated chain available in stock.
Nickel Chain available in stock.

We can deliver these chains by courier, by air, by train, by transportation.

 We have vendors, dealers, suppliers in the ahmedabad, santage, culcutta, thrissur, navada, nagpur, mumbai, vadodara, surat, hyderabad, solapur, nassik, channapatna, sivakasi, banaras, pollachi, chennai, karnataka, kerala, andhra pardesh, tamil nadu, vallore, secunderabad, wasai, vijaywada, patna, odisha, and all over India. 

By Courier: dtdc professionals, tirupathi courier, track on, st courier, nandan courier,madhur courier,mahabali courier,etc

By Transportation: ramdev cargo, venkateshwara cargo, vrl logistics, green roadlines, pragati roadlines, bharat motor, new transways India, jaipur golden, delhi-gujarat etc. 

 We can deliver our products at any location as per your convenience within 24 hours. 

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