Small Coil Keyring


Minimum Order Quantity: 300 Gross


Name 21 Small Coil Split Ring
Size 10 mm (ID) 12 mm (OD)
Weight 1 gm (4 Pc)
Plating Nickel


  • All Kind of Keyring, Flat Keyring, V shape Keyring, Regular Keyring , Golden Plated Keyring are available.
  • We are the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of Keychain Ring, Keyrings, Split rings  in India.


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In the first, Pummi Enterprises is a leading Small Coil keyring manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers in Delhi, India.

Q: Undoubtedly, What is the speciality of small coil keyring?

A: Clearly, the small Coil keyring is of neat design & quality.

Q: For instance, what is the packaging of small coil keyring?

A: Importantly, The small coil keyring packaging is of 25 gross.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity of small coil keyring ?

The minimum order quantity is of 150 gross.

Q: Whereas, how to placed bulk quantity order ?

A: Indeed, We can placed bulk quantity order by contacting to our sales team.

Q: What is the payment terms of pummi enterprises ?

A: Moreover, We take 30% advance payment on bulk order.

Q: What is the billing scenario of pummi enterprises ?

A: Absolutely, we sell on  100% billing including 18% g.s.t.

Q: How to get delivery of our ordered products ?

A: Nevertheless, we can book delivery through porter app.

Q: What are the other options available to get delivery of small coil keyring ?

A: In addition, We also deliver through transportation, by cargo, by air, by train etc.

Q: What are the uses of small coil keyring?

A: Besides, the uses of round coil keyring are dholak, tabla, garments, etc. 

Q: On what locations can we deliver these keyrings?

A: Definitely, we can deliver these keyrings to kanpur, delhi, gujarat etc.

Q: Do youalso provide bilty of transportation?

A: In contrast to, we provide bilty of delivery for the convenience of parties.

Q: Do you provide sampling before placing bulk order?

A: Alternatively, We courier paid samples to the parties for bulk orders.

Q: Do you provide performa invoice for the convenience of buyer?

A: Particularly, we generate performa invoice oon the bulk quantity orders only.

Q: Do you provide nickel & led free products for lab testing?

A: In some cases, we provide nickel free & led free products for passing testing cerifications.

Q: Do you accept customized orders in terms of plating & size?

A: In conclusion, We manufacture customize keyrings on the order of customers.


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