Round Coil Keyring


Minimum Order Quantity: 300 Gross


Name 19 – 1.5 Round Coil Split Ring
Size 19mm (ID) 21mm (OD)
Weight 0.4gm
Plating Nickel


  • All Kind of Keyring, Flat Keyring, V shape Keyring, Regular Keyring , Golden Plated Keyring are available.
  • We are the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of Keychain Ring, Keyrings, Split rings  in India.


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In the first, Pummi Enterprises is a leading Round Coil Keyring manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers in Delhi, India.

Q: What are the uses of round coil keyring?

A: Especially, The uses of round coil keyring are sublimation, nut & bolts, rasine etc.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity of round coil keyring?

A: Indeed, The minimum order quantity is 200 gross.

Q: How to place bulk order through online?

A: Absolutely, We can placed bulk quantity order by connecting with our sales team.

Q: What is the quality of coil keyring ?

A: Definitely, The coil keyring are durable, longevity etc.

Q: How much is the production capacity for coil keyring?

A: Particularly, We have a huge production capacity, can deliver bulk quantity orders.

Q: How can we get delivery of coil keyring?

A: In addition, We can deliver through porter app.

Q: What is the payment terms & condition of Pummi enterprises?

A: Moreover, We sell on 100% billing with 18% g.s.t.

Q: How much are the delivery charges ?

A: Indeed, Delivery charges are approx. 70rs per kg.

Q: What are the options available for delivery?

A: Along with, We deliver through transportation, courier, dtdc etc.

Q: What is the specialty of round coil keyring ?

Apart from this, It’s a tempered coil keyring that means it is a wire keyring.

Q: What is the packaging of round coil keyring?

A: It should be noted, the packaging is of 1o gross. Ronson poly bag.

Q: Can we also get customized plating on round keyring?

A: Nevertheless, we can provide customized plating including chrome, brass, copper, black etc.

Q: Above all, What is the minimum order quantity ?

A: In spite of, the minimum quantity can be of 50 gross or 5 packets.

Q: How to order bulk quantity orders?

A: In conclusion, We send Performa invoice to the companies on demand.

Ronson Brand, Call 9810140598, visit sadar bazar Delhi.



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