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Pummi Enterprises is a leading Ronson Long Chain Distributer In Hyderabad

we have all chains variety long chain with two sided round ring attach chrome plated 14 inch 21 inch 27 inch all sizes available in bulk quantity sadar bazar pan mandi bartan market Delhi 110006 call 9810140598 / 9212127755

the long chain board hanging chain adds a decorative element to any space. The chain itself can be made from various materials mild steel chrome plated.

Moreover, the long chain board hanging chain is also a practical solution for displaying items.

Whether you want to showcase a collection of keychains, hang tools in your garage, or create a vertical garden in your home,

the hooks provide a secure and visible display for your items.

It consists of a long chain with hooks on both ends, which can be attached to a crane or other lifting equipment.

The hooks on the ends of the chain can be easily attached to the load, and the length of the chain can be adjusted as needed to accommodate different lifting heights.

Our goods go everywhere, we are supplied all over India.
We have many suppliers available in Hyderabad who take the goods from us and supply them.

Our own brand: Ronson.

We distribute chains in Hyderabad,
key chain rings and key rings are also distributed from us.

the long chain board hanging chain is a valuable tool.

the long chain board hanging chain can help you get the job done safely and efficiently.

we can deliver  by transportation.

green road lines. Pragati road lines, bharat motor,solan Shimla, Vrl logistics.transways india

we can deliver by courier .

Tirupati courier

Dtdc courier

Professional Courier

Nandan courier

Madhur Courier


We can deliver by cargo.

Jay shri cargo

Kumar cargo

Deepak cargo

Super fast cargo

maa cargo

om cargo


for more information contact on this no 9810140598 / 9212127755








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