Regular Chain Keychain ring


Minimum Order Quantity: 10000 Piece


Name Regular Chain Ring
Ring No 17
Chain Regular
Link 4
Plating Nickel
Weight 2.0gm
Size 18 mm(ID) 20mm (OD)


  • All Kind of Keychain Ring, Flat Keychain Ring, V shape keychain ring, regular Keychain Ring , Golden Plated  Keychain Ring are available.
  • We are the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of Keychain Ring, Keyrings, Split rings  in India.
  • Golden Plating is also available on bulk order only


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In the first, Pummi Enterprises is a regular keychain chalu challa manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers in Delhi, India.

Q: How to buy chalu challa online in India?

A: Of course, The chalu challa can be bought online. Call 9810140598, visit sadar bazar, Delhi.

Q: How to order online via your website?

A: Moreover, It can be order through directly contact to our sales team.

Q: How to buy bulk quantity order ?

A: The minimum order quantity is of 100 gross.

Q: How to get delivery of chalu challa ?

A: we deliver products by courier, by cargo, by train, by transportation, etc.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity of challa?

A: In addition, The minimum order quantity is of 100 gross.

Q: Do you also provide delivery to shops or offices of small quantity orders?

A: Particularly, we provide delivery to shops and offices by porter delivery app in local areas.

Q: How to get supply of challa?

A: Definitely, The supply is per day = 1,000 gross.

Q: What are the transportation through which you can deliver?

A: In spite of, we can deliver by sorasthra roadways, smp transport, Vrl logistics etc.

Q: What are the courier options available for other states?

A: Therefore, the courier are like dtdc professional, nandu courier, etc.

Q: In how many states, do you supply your products?

A: However, We supply to Gujrat, Kerala, Tamil nadu, assam, Madhya pardesh etc.

Q: Do you also provide bilty with transportation?

A: Indeed, we provide bilty to the transporters for tracking.

Q: Can you provide customized chalu challa?

A: we can provide customized chalu challa on order basis.

Q: Can we also provide customized plating?

A: we can provide customized plating including brass, copper, golden and chrome etc.

Q: What are the use of challa?

A: the uses are keychain holder, ring keychain etc.




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