Lanyard Hook


Minimum Order Quantity :138 gross


Brand :  RONSON
Shape: Round
Material :  Mild Steel
Plating : Nickel, Chrome and Golden

Usage : Used in keychains, I Card, Bags Hanging, Connecting


Pummi Enterprises is leading Lanyard Hook manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India.

Type Design : made of ultra strong with silver-toned nickel metal, durable and firm.. We make nickel plated Hooks in our own factory with material procured from reputed dealers only, with the guarantee of purity.

Gold plating are also available on order.

We are known for our honesty, timely delivery and expertise.


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In the first, Pummi Enterprises is a leading manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of Lanyard Hook, Metal Hook in PAN INDIA.

Moreover, Lanyard Hook Sizes: 1 inch. 1.5 inch, 2 inch, mini lanyard hook. 

In spite of, Lanyard Hooks market in India: chandigarh, mumbai, culcutta, hyderabad, surat, bangalore, karnataka,   delhi, chennai, madurai.

ahmedabad, surat, jaipur, indore, nagaland, mizoram – aizawl, daman & diu, jammu & kashmir, sri nagar.

andhra pardesh, tamil nadu, telangana, navi mumbai, amritsar, udaipur, jallandhar, karnataka, and kanpur.

20 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm, 30 mm etc. 

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In addition, We have variety of lanyard hooks, kundi hook, i card hook with multiple sizes including 

Moreover, These hooks are uses in hanging, etc.

Indeed, we have our own ronson packaging.

In spite of, we can delivery by air, by courier, by train, by transportation etc.

Indeed, We have our dealers/distributors in noida, delhi, gurgaon, faridabad, chennai, culcatta, wasai, lucknow, keral, punjab.

In addition, ludhiana, gujrat, surat, vadodara, mumbai, thane, moradabad, secunderabad, haryana, chandigarh, sikkim, etc. 

Moreover, By Transportation: Ramdev Cargo, green roadlines, new transways India, pragati roadlines, delhi-gujarat etc.

Despite, We have our vendors/dealers in delhi, noida, gujarat, mumbai, surat, culcutta, west bengal, surat, lucknow.

meerut, hyderabad, solapur, nassik, thrissur, navada, vijaywada, patna, odisha, dehradun, imphal, sharanpur, bangalore, ajmer. 

By Courier: dtdc courier, nandu courier, etc. 

We attached bilty on transportation for the facility of party. 100% billing, with advance payment.

We have our own manufacturing in Delhi, India. We have no return policy. But if any customer facing problem with sizes & quallty. We give facility to creach our wholesale store & get exchanged products.

We also sell our products through: tradeindia, justdial, indiamart, exporterindia.

Safe express, delivery courier, express beas, smp transport, dtdc professional courier, pragati roadlines, green roadlines,.

sorasthra roadways delhi, maruti courier, delivery courier, nanak motor transport, sarna transport.

Therefore, These I card hooks are available in nickel plating.

For more details, view our product catalogue on indiamart, tradeindia, justdial. 

Call 9810140598, Visit Sadar Bazar, Delhi. 


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