Ball Chain For Pendant


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Pummi enterprises is a leading Ball Chain For Pendant manufacturers wholesalers and distributers we have all chain sizes 20″ 24″ 30″36″ nickel. matt black, black nickel, customize plating also available shop no 497 pan mandi bartan market sadar bazar Delhi 110006 contact no 9810140598 / 9212127755

A ball chain for pendant is a popular choice for many people.

The ball chain is made up of small spheres that are connected together, creating a flexible and durable chain. This type of chain is commonly used for necklaces and pendants because it is simple yet stylish.

One of the benefits of using a ball chain for a pendant is its versatility.

Additionally, the ball chain for pendant can be adjusted to different lengths,

Making it suitable for various necklines and personal preferences.

Overall the spheres are typically made of high-quality materials such as mild steel or brass sterling silver,

which are resistant to tarnishing and fading. This means that the chain will retain its shine and appearance even with regular wear

In terms of aesthetics, the ball chain gives a modern and minimalistic look to the pendant.

Another advantage of a ball chain is its adjustable length  Most ball chains come with a small connector that allows the wearer to easily adjust the length of the chain.

The thickness of ball chain is different and its sizes are also different and a hook is attached to it.

Also we can attach easily through hook this chain.

Any color you want, we can prepare it on order. The minimum quantity for that is 10000pcs. You can place your order online on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and also by visiting our website. ( )

Goods are dispatched after payment is completed.

We send on mall transport whichever party prefers us. we can deliver by cargo or by couriers.

For more information contact on this no 9212127755 / 9212227733

Shop no 497 
pan mandi bartan market sadar bazar Delhi 110006
Contact no 9810140598




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