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Pummi enterprises is a leading Bag Chains Accessories manufacturer wholesalers and suppliers all types hooks chains lanyard hooks swill connector lobsters etc. sadar bazar Delhi  110006 call 9810140598

Bag chain accessories are a stylish and functional addition to any handbag or backpack.

They come in a variety of designs, materials, and lengths, allowing you to customize your bag and add a personal touch.

bag chains Accessories can also be versatile accessories.

Many bag chains are detachable, meaning you can easily remove them when you want a more streamlined look, or attach them to a different bag for a new style.

This versatility allows you to switch up your bag’s look without having to invest in multiple bags.

Bag chains, also known as purse chains or shoulder chains, are long metal chains that can be attached to the straps of your handbag or purse.

They not only add a trendy and edgy look to your bag but also provide an extra layer of security by preventing someone from easily snatching your bag.

These are commonly used for attaching ID badges, keys, or other small items to lanyards, bags, or belt loops.

Lanyard hook chains are convenient and secure, ensuring that your items stay in place while you’re on the move.

Whatever accessories you need in the bags are ready with us or if you want to add something separately, we can also make them on order.

Plating is made on order only if there is quantity for it. You can get it done as per your requirement:

Bag Chains Accessories material or plating.

Metal chain,

Aluminum chain

Brass chain

Chrome plating

Nickel plating

Golden plating

special plating

Customize plating available.

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